Woman swallows needle while sewing

    Woman swallows needle while sewing
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    Next time when you are sewing something and accidentally happen to do something else while the needle rests between your jaws, think hard. Because doing so may otherwise prove lethal. And such is the story of Mahim’s 28-year-old woman. Turns out,  she accidently happened to swallow a 5.2 cm long needle however, she landed in the hospital just in time. 

    The doctors conducted an endoscopy and found that the needle was stuck in her small intestine. She was immediately admitted to the hospital right after 6 hours of swallowing the needle. Here, with the help of ‘Single Balloon Enteroscopy’ doctors took out the needle without any surgery.

    “As the needle was stuck in the small intestine (Jejunum), there was no way needle would have come out naturally through poop. So we thought of using the technique namely ‘Single Balloon Enteroscopy’ to remove the needle. After removing the needle, we discharged the patient and now she is on a normal diet,” said Dr. Mehul Choksi, Gastrologist, Raheja hospital.

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