WMA to organize online workshops for medical professionals

WMA to organize online workshops for medical professionals

Technology has changed and added a lot of progress across different sectors. It has brought in the new changes and improvements in the medical field, which certainly benefits the doctors. The latest addition to the same is online workshops for medical professionals.

According to the decision taken recently by the World Medical Association, experienced doctors and eminent professionals from the medical industry will be able provided with expert guidance online. Through these sessions, doctors from across the world can share knowledge and participate in the discussions, thereby saving time by not traveling to workshops.

Another advantage of the same will be improved diagnosis and related prognosis for the treatment. With an expert doctor being available over a discussion, medical professionals shall be able to guide patients and the ones in need, thoroughly, with updated information available to them via these CME workshops.

WMA has started this initiative in collaboration with global organizations, experts and many professionals from the medical and various related fields. With improving treatments and research every day in the field of health and medicine, these online sessions will help them to connect with professionals around the world. Over 10,000 doctors are a part of WMA and aim to collaborate for the worldwide treatment system, human rights, medical education and much more.

Talking about the same, Dr. Shiv Kumar Utture, Officer at Indian Medical Association (IMA), informed us that the project was in pipeline for a long time due to appropriate technology not being available. He further confirmed that many such projects will be implemented soon in Maharashtra.