Artificial breasts in demand- Indian Cancer Society

    Artificial breasts in demand- Indian Cancer Society
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    Breast cancer breaks the woman's confidence when one of her breasts is removed to save her life. Though it is done for her safety purpose, it discourages her and she loses interest in her life. 

    In order to aid such women and to encourage her for a living, the Indian Cancer Society of Parel has come forward who provides artificial breasts to cancer survivors. According to the Indian Cancer Society officials, demands for such artificial breasts are more from Pune and Nagpur. The best part of these artificial breasts is that it is made by none other than breast cancer survivors.

    Types of artificial breasts
    Artificial breasts are prepared by using cotton and rubber and then it is filled in a lycra type material. The one which is made using cotton costs from INR 250 to INR 400 while rubber breast costs INR 500. A woman can use this breast for three to six months.

    “We get lot of demands from Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. In the last one year, we have given out more than one lakh artificial breasts. On a daily basis, we get 10 to 12 demands for artificial breasts,” said Dr. Sulakshna Pednekar, Indian Cancer Society.

    “These breasts are made by the cancer survivors whom we give training. We do this to build self-confidence among cancer patients,” said Dr. Vandana Dhamankar, assistant director, Indian Cancer Society.

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