Wadala-Ghatkopar - Thane-Kesarwadavali Metro 4 and Diennagar-Manukhardt Metro-2B are getting good response to the applications that have been sent so as to entice companies to take up the project. So far, 10 companies showed interest to take up the work; however, it will start only in December 2017 for both the metro lines. Hence, for this project, the appointment for the company will soon happen.

Following are the names of the interested ten companies for the project:

May Larsen & Turbo Company has applied for a package in Metro-B for four packages in the same Metro-4.

May For the one package in the Metro II, Afcon Infractor Limited has applied for the same package in Metro 4 for 2 packages.

May GHEC-RCC-JV (China) has applied for Metro 2B for 2 and Metro 4 K2 packages.

May J. Kumar has applied for a package for Metro 2, then a package for Metro 4.

May The Simplyx Company has applied for a package of 2 packages for Metro 2B.

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