MMRC planning to usurp Aarey’s land

    Aarey Colony
    MMRC planning to usurp Aarey’s land
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    Mumbai - In the name of development, MMRC has usurped 33 hectares of Aarey land. And now it seems MMRDA too is eyeing Aarey. MMRC and MMRDA have asked for 62 hectares land. It is being said that, MMRDA is asking for 6 acres land for Integrated Operation and Control Center, while 15 acres of land will be used to construct houses for Metro workers.

    “This is the fourth time, MMRDA is demanding land. Initially, they demanded 30 hectares to build control centre. Then they asked for three, later they asked for 15 and now they are demanding for six. Day by day, their demands are increasing,” said Stalin Dayanand, project coordinator, Vanshakti. He further added that they will keep protesting if government overlooks resident’s needs and demands.
    Prior to this MMRDA took over 33 hectares. At the same time, MMRDA official confirmed that they have asked the government to hand over Aarey’s land. However, residents are in the mood to give away their land to MMRDA and MMRC.

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