The Mumbai Metropolitan Area Development Authority (MMRDA) has sent a notice to three contractors - Simplex Infrastructure Ltd, NCC Ltd and J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd – and expressed their displeasure over the work of Metro-7 which started from Dahisar to Andheri. According to the MMRDA, the Metro-7 work is going very slow and can delay the completion of this plan.

The notice sent of August 11 stated that these three companies have been given the task of constructing a corridor of 16.5 kilometers, but this work is being done at a slow pace and in a poor manner. Further, these companies have also been questioned about the lack of inadequate resources.

MMRDA has said that Simple Infrastructure has replaced only 600 workers for site work. J Kumar Infraproject has employed only 395 laborers and NCC has employed only 318 laborers. Officials believe that owing to this condition, the project may have an impact on the deadline as the state government plans to complete the metro line by the end of 2019.

In response to this notice, JK spokesman said that the work is going on slow due to rains in the mines and due to the lack of construction material. The spokesperson refused to comment about the shortage of laborers and said that due to the above-mentioned problems, the workers have not been called to work, and shall be called again when needed.

No statement was received from other 2 contractors.

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