After potholes, Malishka ready with 6 new songs about city


Social media trolls, celeb backing and an active rejoinder by Red FM has put the Shiv Sena and the civic administration the back foot.

The Shiv Sena's reaction to RJ Malishka's parody of 'Sonu tula mayavar bharosa nahi ka' and the subsequent discovery of dengue larvae at her Pali Hill residence by a BMC inspection team have not gone down well with irate Mumbaikars who feel the real issues at stake - the potholed roads of Mumbai - are being sidelined.

The BMC sent a notice to Malishka's residence on 18 July claiming it found dengue larvae in potted plants in and outside her house. While social media buzzed with the unfairness of the action, and several TV channels and newspapers expressed themselves in her support, Malishka herself who is in New York currently, is refusing to take things lying down. 

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With a smile and a dance, Malishka shot a video of herself in New York thanking all Mumbaikars for backing her.

Not only this, she has also tweeted that she is ready with six more songs about Mumbai. No wonder, she is hinting to the BMC and Shiv Sena, that no can come between her and her parodies.

Just last week, RJ Malishka shot a video ‘Mumbai Tula mayavar bharosa naay kaay’ which spoke about the city's issues - potholes. The song became an instant hit amongst Mumbaikars.

Soon, her video went viral. The BMC, instead of owning up or taking it on the chin, responded by sending her a  notice claiming they found dengue breeding spot. This was not enough. Two Yuva Sena members have asked the BMC commissioner to file an INR 500 crore defamation suit against 93.5 RED FM.

This further enraged the RED FM 93.5 team which shot another hilarious video in a boat on a water filled road in the city on Thursday. This time it is RJ Raunac who, in  Malishka's absence, appears to have taken on the BMC.

This enraged Mumbaikars who took to twitter and supported her. Many celebrities too supported Malishka.  

Vishal Dadlani, singer

Vir Das, stand-up comedian

If you fire back at Malishka's parody video with your own, that's fair game. Counter comedy with comedy, not with an abuse of power.

93.5 Red FM had launched the campaign titled ‘Pothole Utsav’ in 2013 which lasted for 10 days. This campaign was the kick off point, and there has been no looking back. Until now, RJ Malishka and 93.5 Red FM has been highlighting potholes issues.

It seems, the BMC is left with two options now. Either they start fixing the potholes or sharpen their blunt and weapons against Malishka. 

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