Gift of love


Bandra- Markets were bustling with the youngsters on the most awaited day, yes, Valentine day. Along with this, the whole city was painted in red.

During this day, greeting cards are the most popular item which is bought. Though E-greetings are today's thing, people still love buying paper greeting cards with witty, sentimental messages, which are priced at Rs. 25 to Rs. 150. Following to the cards, teddy bears are the most selling item. These bears are priced between Rs. 50 to Rs. 1500 depending on the size. And then of course who can forget chocolates and other gift souvenirs.

Over the years valentine shopping has set a pattern which now youngsters want to break down. Some of them are also bored with the monotony of red. And of course, if you want to reach to someone's heart through stomach then what better than luscious strawberries. Yes, one cannot compensate love with money but gifting dear ones on this special day will never go out of fashion.