Meet 4 Mumbaikars who made our nation proud

Meet 4 Mumbaikars who made our nation proud

The Independence Day is the day when we, Indians, celebrate this day with great fervour and enthusiasm. There were freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for our country and now, there are people who have contributed their bit and made our country proud. Mumbai Live brings to you four such Mumbaikars who come from different strata of life, and have made their names on an international level.

1. Nishriin Parekh
51-year-old Nishriin resides at Mahalaxmi and is a fitness enthusiast. A black belt in Karate, she also teaches yoga strength, which involves a combination of strength training, asanas and weight training. She is been preparing to participate in 'Asia Bodybuilding and Physique competition' which will be taking place in Seoul, South Korea, this month. Her objective is to motivate people to focus on their health and eat healthy food. By profession, Nishriin is a not a body builder but a bikini athlete. She goes on stage with a bikini to do quarter turns and has also been invited at muscle mania as a judge which was held last year. She is a proud athlete and wants to push people of her age to start believing in themselves and working out.

2. Ruchi Shetty
Have you ever wondered what we used to do when we were 14 years old? Nothing special, right? 

But this 14-year-old girl represented her Rugby team India at Hong Kong which took place on August 4 and 5, 2017, where the matches were played between seven countries - China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Uzbekistan, Singapore and Hong Kong. This was not her first time, she along with her team performed well at a recently held Paris World Games Rugby Sevens. The match Hong Kong was the first game for Shetty who handled the captaincy post.

3. Afroz Shah

A lawyer by profession, Afroz Shah took upon the Versova’s beach cleaning in 2015 and cleared a whopping 5.3 million kg of trash, with an aim to keep the beaches clean and contributing the betterment of the society. He was joined by a group of his like-minded 150 volunteers. and his work was acknowledged by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) who awarded Shah the UN's top accolade - Champions of the Earth Award at Mexico. It is been two years and he is still involved in a beach cleanup.

Every weekend, he gets out of his cozy house and steps in Versova beach for the cleanup. And he is never alone. Lots of volunteers team up every weekend to help him in the cleanup. Now, he has gone one step ahead and has created blue lagoon on Versova beach.

4. Poonam Raut

July 23 was the day when all Indians were glued to their television sets only to watch the much-anticipated women’s cricket final between India and England. The nail biting match finished with Indian team losing by merely 9 runs but made our country proud. The team had one Mumbaikar who came from a humble background and made it large.

Prabhadevi resident Punam Raut always dreamt of playing cricket for India and she achieved her dream. Her father, a car driver enrolled her at Shivsena Sports Club, a cricket academy run by coach Sanjay Gaitonde. Punam Raut has played 50 ODIs and 35 T20Is. Initially, she was turned down for the World Cup qualifiers held in Sri Lanka but when she shared 320 run stands for the Indian women’s cricket team against Ireland, she got an entry in India World Cup Studio.

These 4 eminent Mumbaikars have set examples for everyone in the nation. If you know any more people from the city, do write to us in the comment section below or message us on the Facebook page.