Ready, Set, Sail to the lush life!

Setting sail in the Arabian Sea and rejoicing in the moment is no longer the pursuit of only the rich and famous. Oyster Sailing Services in Mumbai makes it easier for the people to set sail and enjoy the panoramic landscape by offering a range of exceptional sailing services to cater to the opulent tastes of the people without draining their wallets.

Ready, Set, Sail to the lush life!

The idea of going sailing, witnessing the ravishing sun setting and enjoying the ombre sky has always been one reserved for the rich and the famous.

But Oyster Sailing Services in Mumbai is bending the standardised attitude of people by bringing in sailing services for everyone. Oyster Sailing Services brings to the Mumbaikars the comfort and luxury of setting sail and indulging in some really contempt time without flushing out the wallets.

For one and all

With packages starting as low as INR 3500 to going as high up as INR 1,00,000 and providing a wide range of yachts to choose from that set sail from Gateway Of India. Oyster Sailing Services are surely taking on the hearts of the Mumbaikars. Be it a party yacht like the very famous Ab Celestial or simply sail yachts, the packages have flexible timings, starting as early as 7:00 am and taking the last trip by as late as 9:00 pm. 

The packages vary with guest list and budget, hence making the services extremely affordable for everyone looking to have a good time sailing through the waves. Oyster Sailing Services provide packages for every occasion that you want to light up, be it a romantic date, some dedicated family time, a corporate event, wedding anniversaries or birthday parties,  the list goes on. And to add on to the list of flexibility, all the arrangements are planned and executed as per the guests.

Caters to every mood

It offers a lot to choose from. Whatever your mood be. Plan a day of leisure sailing, tanning, shooting or one with some real good luxury sailing. But that isn’t all, Oyster Sailing Services also lets you experience the beauty of the underwater with scuba diving services and brave the waves of the Arabian Sea with Kayaking.

There’s more

And even if all of the listed activities haven’t filled your heart with the desire to go sailing already, there’s still more to learn.

You can also book a cabin in the ship which will take you from Mumbai to Maldives. To spend 7 days on the cruise with top notch amenities and facilities or 14 days, that’s upto you. Prices are flexible depending on the package you decide to go for.

Simply go for it

And if all this is not luring enough, all you need to do is get seven of your mates, pay INR 1300 per person and take on the waves for a good couple of hours on a cruise far east, while enjoying the beautiful panorama nature offers you.

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