You can now play poker 'legally' at this poker club in Mumbai!

    You can now play poker 'legally' at this poker club in Mumbai!
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    Most of us have tried our hand at Zynga Poker or Poker in general but what if you can legally play some poker in Mumbai?

    Yes, you heard that right!

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    New World Of Sports Clubs (NWOS), Santacruz has an open poker club! A legal club for whoever wishes to join.

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    Criteria to join

    • ID card
    • Address proof
    • Lifetime membership is priced at INR 900 and at time of signing up, you’ll need to pay INR 5,900, of which INR 5,000 will be converted to chips you can play with.

    As reported in LBB, Mumbai, this club participates in World Poker Tournament and World Series of Poker and games start at INR 10,000 and have three to four active tables every day.

    So poker fanatics in the city should head to NWOS and enjoy! (Just don't lose too much money). 

    *Mumbai Live is in no way promoting gambling with this article. This is strictly for recreational purposes. 

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