Palghar Bypoll Results 2018 Live updates


With the BJP preparing the ground for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, the Palghar bypoll election results will be an early indicator of the extent of the orange wave across the country. The election voting was completed on May 28th, 2018 and the election results will be declared on May 31st. Follow this page to get live updates as the results come in and to find out if BJP or Shiv Sena win this seat. Alongside Palghar, results for Kairana bypolls are also expected.


01:44 PM, May 31 IST
24th round of counting

01:27 PM, May 31 IST
BJP begins celebrating their victory!

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) – 2,63,680

Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) – 2,37,800

Baliram Jadhav (BVA) – 2,800,000

Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) – 71,686

Damodar Singhda (Cong)  - 46,861

01:05 PM, May 31 IST
BJP's victory confirmed in Palghar

After 20th round of counting, BJP’s victory is confirmed in Palghar. Party candidate Rajendra Gavit thanks his supporters.

12:46 PM, May 31 IST
20th round of counting
12:44 PM, May 31 IST
19th round of counting
12:44 PM, May 31 IST
18th round of counting
12:27 PM, May 31 IST
This is what BJP Village Shakha President Sanjiv Wade had to say

When asked about the sudden increase in the voting percentage on the polling day, BJP Village Shakha President Sanjiv Wade said that “the opposition only knew about the votes which were cast before 6 PM.”

12:25 PM, May 31 IST
17th Round of counting

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 190492

Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 168477

Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 142350

Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) - 60015

Damodar Singhda (Cong) - 35764

12:20 PM, May 31 IST
BJP is leading because of its work and commitment: Kurgaon Gram Panchayat Sarpanch

Followed by their celebration, the BJP Karyekartas took a dig at Shiv Sena and Kurgaon Gram Panchayat Sarpanch, Dhamesh Sankhe said that “Picture is clear from the start of the vote count. BJP is leading because of its work and commitment towards the people.”

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11:55 AM, May 31 IST
Palghar Lok Sabha bypoll election results:

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 1,55,608
Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 1,36,552
Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 1,16,045
Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) - 54,788
Damodar Singhda (Cong) -

11:44 AM, May 31 IST
Lok Sabha 2018 bypoll results from Palghar:

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 1,34,884
Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 1,15,142
Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 96,177
Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) - 48,903

11:37 AM, May 31 IST
Lok Sabha bypoll 2018 results from Palghar
Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 1,24,166
Shriniwas Vanaga (Shiv Sena) - 1,05,677
Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 86,523
Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) - 46,274

11:22 AM, May 31 IST
Palghar Lok Sabha bypoll results:

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 1,20,154
Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 84,311
Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 69,963
Kiran Gahala (CPI(M)) - 40,542

11:20 AM, May 31 IST
Palghar bypoll results:

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 90,190
Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 70,340
Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 56,265

Kiran Gahala (CPI(M) - 30,218

11:06 AM, May 31 IST
Video from the counting booth!
10:52 AM, May 31 IST
Tiff between reporters and officials continues
10:47 AM, May 31 IST
Palghar bypoll results after the 7th round

Rajendra Gavit (BJP) - 80,017

Shriniwas Wanaga (Shiv Sena) - 62,680

Baliram Jadhav (BVA) - 54,903

10:28 AM, May 31 IST
NCP still ahead in Bhandara-Gondia
10:27 AM, May 31 IST
BVO karyakartas take a stand
10:19 AM, May 31 IST
NOTA registers more votes than Congress in Palghar
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