Carnatic musicians come together to support #MeToo movement

Musicians from across the world expressed their views on sexual harassment, abuse and assault. They demanded the silence to be broken.


MeToo movement has helped many women today, where they use social media to share their stories. It has given us a reflection of the world we live in, and how it needs to change for good.

Keeping the same in mind, over 200 musicians from the Carnatic music community came together to express their views on sexual harassment, abuse and assault, stating that it must not be tolerated. They demanded that the silence needs to be broken.  

Celebrated vocalist TM Krishna shared the message on social media, which featured the names musicians who showed their support to the #MeToo movement. These musicians participated. from different parts of the world

The note shared by the musician said, "Over the past few days, we have all read many disturbing accounts of sexual harassment, abuse and assault, including from within the Carnatic music community. Many such instances in the past have been brushed under the carpet, subsequently creating a culture of silent complicity. There continues to be a deafening silence that needs to be broken. As artistes and students of music, we believe it is our responsibility to speak up and acknowledge that such unacceptable behaviour must be strongly condemned, in order to create a more equitable and safe environment for all people."

He further added, "We ask for due process through civil society investigations into these allegations to hold these individuals accountable, and whole-heartedly welcome those who want to come forward and share their stories. At this juncture, we also encourage and request sabhas and cultural organisations all over the world to recognise this issue and put forward proactive structural measures to address such claims and prevent future incidents. We believe that this will make the Carnatic community safer for all,"

Sharing their concerns, the musicians said it is time we show importance to such matters and talk about the ones who misuse and exploit their power and position.

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