Dhol Tasha band will pay tribute to soldiers


Mumbai- Dhol Tasha band will pay tribute to the army by playing dhol Tasha in the vicinity of various railway stations. Malad, Goregaon and Jogeshwari are the designated places where they will play the dhol on 5th November from 4pm to 7pm. By doing so, they will donate the money to the Army Welfare Fund. Rudra Dhol Tasha band will play at Goregaon station. Ranjhunjaar Dhol Tasha band at Malad (W), Nadgarja Dhol Tasha band at Jogeshwari and Shivgajar band at Malad (E) and Charkop market. “We will not wear our usual dress but will wear a black dress in protest to the cowardly attack on our soldiers”, informed Haresh Salvi, president of Ranjhunjaar Dhol Tasha Pathak.

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