Mumbai Motivates Me To Write My Music: D’Evil

One of the most renowned faces of the hip hop industry in India, his foray into the domain commenced at the tender age of 11 when he used to write poetry.

Mumbai Motivates Me To Write My Music: D’Evil

D’Evil aka Dhaval Parab a rapper, hip hop artist and lyricist with Gullygang explores the rhythm and beats of life in Mumbai. During his interaction in Mumbai Charcha, which is a conversation with prominent Mumbaikars, Parab spoke about his musical journey that commenced from Dadar.

One of the most renowned faces of the hip hop industry in India, his foray into the domain commenced at the tender age of 11 when he used to write poetry. His grandfather worked in the mills during which they resided in a community housing facility.

During his childhood, Parab witnessed some gruesome incidents in the island city that included riots, bomb blasts, amongst others. Since he lived in a chawl, security was a major issue that led to the development of fear in his mind.

However, after his grandfather lost his job at the mills, his family shifted to an apartment in Borivali. He then began studying in a convent school where he learnt English and began hearing western music.

Going back to his childhood he remarked, “I listened to artists Michael Jackson, Afrika Bambaataa and Kris Kross on my neighbour’s music deck and this was possible because I live In Mumbai which is connected”

Parab then threw light on the fact that back then, piracy of music was rampant. He also elaborated on how listening to English music was a status symbol earlier in view of the fact that cassettes were expensive.

Interestingly it was his cousins who apprised him about rap music and he stumbled upon Eminem songs. From here, his music knowledge grew owing to his comprehension of genres. While he enjoyed rhyming, it was his friends who went on to recommend that he write rap music. Professionally, on the other hand, working at a radio station resulted in him being able to explore Mumbai.

Parab believes that the island city has a give and take relationship with its residents and is an amalgamation of culture. He said, “This city has taught me that change is constant.” He remarked that coming near the sea enables him to understand what Mumbai is about.

While talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, he remarked, “The lockdown was difficult for me because I couldn’t connect with people. If I have difficulty in writing music, I travel within the city as I get inspiration from Mumbai and its people.”

He further elucidated on how he writes his music by saying, “I target having fun and relish writing music with people because it helps me get ideas. My most popular songs were a result of my first instinct.”

For those unversed, Parab’s music is often related to politics. The reason for this according to him is his educational qualifications. “I graduated in Political Science and History. This coupled with the fact that hip hop started as a resolution against racism makes me believe that as an artist it is my responsibility to start a revolution.”

On being asked how artists can contribute to the city, he remarked, “Mumbai rappers are already contributing, this was seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. But everyone should contribute to things that matter. One should know what is right as well as use social media, but do rather than talk and set an example.”

As an artist, he also has certain expectations from the government which include permission to restart shows, extension in timings and soundproof clubs. Moreover, he has some dreams for Mumbai which comprise, less traffic and pollution.

Parab mentioned, “It is a blessing that we have mountains on one side and sea on the other, this with wonderful weather has the potential to make our city clean and green. I am also happy to see EV charging points in Mumbai.”

His aspirations for the future are to help budding artists by offering cheap studio recording facilities through “budget studios”.

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