Karan Johar is ‘beemar’ - Abu Azmi

  • Karan Johar is ‘beemar’ - Abu Azmi

Mumbai – Abu Azmi who is known for his controversial remarks, targeted film director Karan Johar on the surrogacy issue. On Sunday, Karan Johar shared news of his twin children’s on twitter. Many congratulated him while some heckled him. One of them was SP leader Abu Azmi who called Karan Johar as ‘beemar’. He criticized Johar saying if Karan wanted kids he should have got married. He said that Johar should have adopted a poor kid as surrogacy is the wrong way of having children.

While Azmi criticized Johar, women and child welfare minister Pankaja Munde said that if Johar has followed the law then he has done nothing wrong. In India, there are no laws for a single father and so Karan Johar became the target.

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