Aditya calls BJP- Bharatiya Jumla Party

    Aditya calls BJP- Bharatiya Jumla Party
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    Girgaon- The young Thackrey scion jumped into the election campaigning at a rally in Girgaon. Aditya Thackrey focused on lambasting the BJP and said that Mumbai belongs to the Sena. He refered to the BJP as  Bharatiya Jumla Paksha and later as Bharatiya Gunda Paksha.

    He gave an example of how the 30000 strong conservency workforce of the BMC works 24/7 to keep Mumbai clean. We are proud of all these mumbaikars.
    He further said that the Shiv Sena knows Mumbai more than anybody else. It is not a make or break election for the Sena but for Mumbai.
    He added that their fight was against the BJP. The BJP manifesto is a big farce and the CM is just dishing out promises that they cant fulfil. 
    He refered to the Mulund Goregaon link road which will be made underground without any destruction the Aarey jungles. 
    He again criticized the BJP saying that it used to be a party with principles and ideology, but today they are jsut trying to bulldoze all others just for the sake of power.
    He urged all the Mumbaikars to vote for the Sena at the BMC.

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