Who will be Mumbai's next mayor?

    Who will be Mumbai's next mayor?
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    Mumbai – The BMC elections have thrown up intriguing and interesting results. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which was considered the underdog, came in a strong second with 82 seats. The Shiv Sena led the results by claiming 84 seats. However, the Sena still needs a number of seats to attain the magic figure to stake claim to forming the next civic body. Five independent candidates have extended their support to the Sena so far. Four independent candidates joined Shiv Sena while Mumtaz Khan is supporting the Sena party without joining it.

    The Shiv Sena's tally has now gone up from 84 to 89. It is being said that the Sena might join hands with the Congress whose 31 candidates have been elected. If this happens, the Sena’s numbers will go up from 89 to 120. However, the Congress does not seem keen to extend support to either the BJP or the Shiv Sena. The Samajwadi Party and the AIMIM have also declined to support the Sena.

    If the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is taken into consideration, then their seven elected candidates will not be able to help the Sena to attain the magic figure of 114 seats. However, each party is eyeing the MNS as its support could turn out to be crucial. If the MNS supports the BJP then the figure will go up by 82 to 89 and it will stand on par with the Shiv Sena.  MNS support could actually be the game changer in this equation. According to sources, however, the MNS is not interested in supporting either of the parties.

    If the Shiv Sena does indeed succeed in claiming top position in the BMC, any of these elected candidates i.e. Mangesh Satamkar, Yashwant Jadhav, Ashish Chemburkar, Rajul Patel, Kishori Pednekar, Shubhda Gudekar, and Vishakha Raut could stand a chance to be elected mayor of Mumbai.

    Likewise, if the BJP manages the magic figure, either Manoj Kotak or Ram Barot could bag the coveted post of Mumbai's mayor.

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