Nagpur - As the lotus of the BJP has blossomed in the elections for municipal councils across the state, the opposition parties have become ‘Mogali’, said chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on the eve of a winter session of the State Legislature which will begin here on Monday. “The opposition parties are still stuck in the cartoons like Nobita and Doraemon. A roadmap for Maratha morcha, reservation for Marathas will be prepared during the session, he hoped. If the Maratha community changes its stance not to submit their representation to the ministers, then it will be accepted. Dalit and OBCs should not fear as the House will take proper care in this regard, said the chief minister. Speaking on the issue of demonetization, Fadnavis said that all transactions are going on very smoothly. “As 85% currency notes are being changed, it will certainly affect the people. Still, government is thankful to the public for bearing this trouble. Shiv Sena had not opposed the demonetisation but it had opposed the trouble to the people,” added the chief minister. The Central government is trying to initiate a new process in the country. I had written a letter to the prime minister regarding the problems being faced by cooperative banks in the state. These co-operative banks had an unprecedented inflow of cash after the decision of demonetisation. The RBI had a suspicion of something fishy in this and hence co-operative banks were barred from accepting the high value currency notes. Now, these restrictions will be removed, said the chief minister.

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