Political Poll Khol

Political Poll Khol

Kandivali- With a view on the BMC polls, political parties are indulging in mud slinging. 

Congress is revealing dirty secrets of Shiv Sena and BJP whereas  the MNS is opening a can of worms targeting the Congress.
The condition of Ram Rahim Chawl is bad as the gutters are over flooding. Citizens are facing problems due to this. Local Congress Corporator Geeta Yadav said that the repair work of the gutter was taken up many times but the gutters are still overflowing.

Adding fuel to fire, aspiring MNS candidate Dinesh Salvi said the repair work was done  several times but the quality of the material was not good. 

The bottomline is that there is more noise than work at the Ram Rahim Chawl, hope citizens take a cue from this mud sling and elect a representative who would work and not just complain.

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