Bol Mumbai: Rahul Gandhi as the PM of India in future

This is what Mumbaikars had to say about Rahul Gandhi setting the stage for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


Can Rahul Gandhi set the stage for Congress' future?

Over the last few years, Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) has been liked by some and criticized by many. After being defeated by Modi in the previous LS polls in 2014, RaGa and his team worked very hard to oppose BJP. This election season, he was back with a newly built confidence, and a hope to defeat his rival. But is he worthy enough to be the next 'Gandhi' successor? 

When we asked Mumbaikars about it and almost all agreed to the fact that he does have the potential to be the Prime Minister owing to his family background. 

A resident of Dadar also said that Rahul Gandhi does not possess an identity of his own nor the power to become the PM. It has been clear that people are not very impressed by his skills as an orator. She further said that he needs more training as his work and contribution towards the nation is not visible.

Another resident begged to differ and said that just like a doctor's son would want to be a doctor due to his upbringing in such a family, Rahul Gandhi who has had an entire clan of eminent personalities in his family would definitely lead the country just as his ancestors did.  

Watch the video to know the responses.