Of 1.07 crore voters in Mumbai, 9 lakh are bogus: Congress

Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam claimed that there is a bogus voter mafia operating in the city

Of 1.07 crore voters in Mumbai, 9 lakh are bogus: Congress

Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha and Maharashtra Assembly elections, Mumbai Congress alleged that nine lakh out of 1.07 crore voters are bogus. 

With around 8-9 lakh bogus voters in Mumbai, there is a bogus voter mafia operating in Mumbai who is in the process of making bogus voter IDs to benefit some political parties. The voters are only present on paper and not in reality,” Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam alleged on Wednesday.

While talking to the media, Nirupam mentioned about the bogus mafia operating in the city and the presented fake voter IDs where an individual had more than one name, age, address and booth number but same constituency. 

The team used a private software to understand the same in two sample constituencies – Magathane Assembly and Dindoshi. Nirupam informed that in Magathe constituency, only 182 out of 638 voter IDs were genuine. While, in Dindoshi, only 290 voter IDs out of 552 were genuine. Magathane Assembly is Mumbai North Lok Sabha constituency and Dindoshi is Mumbai North-West constituency. 

In every parliamentary constituency in Mumbai, there are about 1.25 to 1.5 lakh bogus voters,” Congress claimed demanding the Election Commission and local election officials to look into the matter.

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This allegation comes during a time when the Election Commission is planning to finalise the draft list ahead of the upcoming polls. The Mumbai Congress president said that he will write to EC regarding the same.