Dairy Minister Sunil Kedar Calls for a Ban on the Use of Margarine in Butter

Dairy Minister Sunil Kedar Calls for a Ban on the Use of Margarine in Butter

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari who holds the Road Transport & Highways, as well as Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises portfolios has called for a ban on margarine which is an illegal substance added to butter and can potentially harm consumers. 

Maharashtra State Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Minister Sunil Kedar originally called for a ban on the use of margarine in butter. He said that this can also harm dairy farmers in the state who are already impacted by the loss of revenue. Margarine is available at a low-cost in the marketplace, making it a readily available, yet unhealthy substitute for butter. 

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"Margarine is made principally from vegetable or animal fats or oils containing milk products, either solid or fluid, salt, and flavouring agents, yellow food pigments, emulsifiers, preservatives, vitamins A and D, etc. lt is used in cooking and as a spread. Nutritionally, margarine is a source of calories," the Dairy Development Minister said. Kedar also noted that the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) should regulate the use of margarine to stop this malpractice. 

Gadkari reportedly wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Kedar’s petition citing the harm that margarine can cause. In the meanwhile, milk unions across Maharashtra have been demanding for a price-increase in milk to keep up with the faltering economy. Gadkari reportedly met with protesting milk producers to discuss their demands, though he didn’t comment on the matter.

The letter written by Gadkari to PM Modi was accessed by Mid-Day. It read - “I urge you to instruct the officials concerned in FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and Ministry of Consumer Affairs to get the harmful effects of margarine examined and look at imposing a ban/restriction on it as has been done in many other countries. A campaign educating consumers about the difference between the two products and the associated health impact may be launched. Thirdly, adequate labelling should be ensured where margarine is used to allow consumers to make informed choices." 

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