Maha Govt will buy 10 lakh litres of milk from milk societies at Rs 25 per litre

Maha Govt will buy 10 lakh litres of milk from milk societies at Rs 25 per litre

Only yesterday, we spoke about the plight of the milk industry wherein farmers are facing huge losses due to the 21-day lockdown across the country. The Maharashtra Government has now stepped up its efforts to reduce the quantum of the losses for the dairy farmers. 

Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Ajit Pawar, mentioned that the state will purchase 10 lakh litres of milk every day from milk cooperative societies within the next four to five days and will continue this for a period of two months.

The government will reportedly pay farmers Rs 25 per litre of milk, thus putting a stop to the dairy unions’ practice of underpaying milk farmers. The milk purchased daily will be converted into milk powder for storage and will be subsequently sold online. 

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“The state government will procure ten lakh litres of milk through milk cooperative societies at Rs 25 per litre. The stock will be used to make milk powder which will be stored and sold online. It will be implemented through the state Milk Cooperative Federation," the deputy CM said. 

Pawar added that the lockdown has resulted in 10 lakh litres of the 12 lakh litres of milk going unsold. With this in mind, the government has reportedly kept aside Rs 200 crore for the procurement of milk across Maharashtra. Revenue Minister, Balasaheb Thorat mentioned that milk producers will benefit from the government’s decision. Farmers were facing severe losses since they do not possess modern storage facilities for milk. Major producers like Amul, however, are already involved in making milk powders to effectively store surplus milk.

The state saw milk prices dip to as low as Rs 15-17 per litre over the period of the lockdown largely due to the excess supply. Farmers will hope that the state government’s decision will offer them some respite.

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