Farmer Ramesh Bhusare was not beaten - Ranjit Patil

    Farmer Ramesh Bhusare was not beaten - Ranjit Patil
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    Aurangabad farmer case has taken a new twist, while earlier Ramesh Bhusare alleged cops off beating him. The lead in the case reveals that he assaulted policeman out of frustration. Bhusare was hurling abuses at police officers. Bhusare strangled his neck with the nylon wire in the police van. In order to stop him from doing that police officers and Bhusare engaged in the struggle and Bhusare received few blows at the hands of cops. This information was shared by MLC Ranjit Patil.

    The state government has assured that crop losses will be met. Bhusare has written a letter to the bank and his application will be taken into consideration assured BJP MLC Ranjit Patil.

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