Farmers' market ground turns into battleground

    Mumbai  -  

    Borivali- The weekly vegetable market (Athavade bazar) in the city was organised with a view that farmers can sell their produce directly to customers, and that customers get fresh vegetables for a cheaper price.

    The weekly vegetable market was organised by Shiv Sena leader Deepa Patil at the  Aquaria Garden Tower gardens at Devidas lane, Borivali West.  BJP MLA Manisha Chaudhari however pulled the shutters on the market, saying that the ground in which the market was organised is a parking lot.
    Deepa Patil said that the market was closed down because of the political competition between Shiv Sena and BJP, but also assured that the market would be shifted elsewhere soon.
    Manisha Chaudhari said that people in this locality being rich, were anyway shopping for their groceries in malls and not at the market. She said that the ground on which market was organised was cleared for a parking lot after a long struggle and that it should be used for parking purposes only.

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