Anil Deshmukh reassures protestors that CAA and NRC will not be implemented in Maharashtra

Anil Deshmukh reassures protestors that CAA and NRC will not be implemented in Maharashtra

There are protests being staged all around the country opposing CAA and NRC. Similar protests are also being staged in Mumbai. The anti-CAA stir at Mordell Road has been going on for over eight days now and now the Maharashtra Government is trying to persuade the organisers to withdraw the same.

Since the protest bears resemblance to the one being organised in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh this protest is aslo being referred as "Mumbai Bagh" on social media.  There have been several attempts to ask the protestors to take back the same in the last couple of days. 

Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray earlier in the week had assured that NRC will not be implemented in Maharashtra. Now, the home minister of state Anil Deshmukh (NCP) has reiterated this stand. He even requested the organisers of the protest to take it back and even told that they do not have the necessary permissions in place. Anil Deshmukh also gave them a written assurance that not a single citizen of the state would lose citizenship.

Talking to the media, Deskmukh said, “I have requested them to take back their protest as they have been sitting there for eight days without any permission. Also, I have said this multiple times that CAA and NRC will not be implemented in the state and not a single citizen of Maharashtra will have to lose citizenship”.

CM Uddhav Thackeray in Saamna had said, “The CAA law will not throw anyone out of the country. Shiv Sena is not against this law. However, the NRC will make it difficult for Muslims along with Hindus to prove their citizenship. I will not let this happen in Maharashtra”. 

The most talked-about fact about this protest and that at Shaheen Bagh is that women have been leading the charge. Following the request from the home minister, the core committee of the protest had a special meeting on Monday night. In this meeting they discussed the next course of action and are evaluating all options. However, the men backing the protest have already asserted that they have no plans of backing out or even moving it to some other place in the city.