Like ‘Namo’, information theft against ‘Mahamitra’: Prithviraj Chavan

Congress’ Prithviraj Chavan on Tuesday said that state-run application has leaked private information of the public

Like ‘Namo’, information theft against ‘Mahamitra’: Prithviraj Chavan

Former Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan on Tuesday alleged that ‘Mahamitra App’, provided by the Maharashtra government in public domain, has leaked the private data and information of the public.  

He said that similar to the ‘Namo App’, the Mahamitra App is breaching the public data as the application is managed by a private trust called ‘Anulom.’

The Mahamitra App was the initiative of Maharashtra government and was initiated on February 1 in the presence of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. This application contains the information of the government employees working under the state government.

However, this application is managed by an ‘Anulom’ trust and the information that this app register is going to the private trust, and not to the information directorate of state government. This is a serious matter as millions of people are using this app, across the state, and their personal information is being registered to a private trust, without their consent.

Congress’ Prithviraj Chavan has demanded a deeper inquiry into this matter.

Maharashtra government has decided to implement ‘Social Media Mahamitro Enterprises’ to create a viable society by utilising the fastest connectivity tools of the modern age in order to take effective legislative work and indulge the youth in this process.

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