Is India Really A Democracy? Aditya Thackeray At HUII Conference

In a recent Harvard University India Initiative (HUII) that was held at Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba, wherein Aditya Thackeray spoke about topics like CAA, demonetisation, education and climate change.


At the recently held Harvard University India Initiative (HUII), Aditya Thackeray was one of the keynote speakers and during this discussion, he touched upon topics like CAA, demonetisation, education and climate change. 

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When he was asked about the protests that are being staged all across the country opposing CAA and given that India is world's largest democracy... 

Aaditya Thackeray interjected, the question in between and posed a question to the audience itself, "Are we still a democracy?" When asked whether he thinks that despite BJP having the stronghold has negative ramifications on India as a democracy?. To this Aaditya answered: 

A democratically elected government is the one that is elected by the people, but when you have a certain manifesto that you have to go with and when you start destroying basic institution and start making much disruption without taking care of what are the negative effects of those disruptions, I think that is where the concern lies. I think demonetisation is probably the biggest blunder in post-independence India. If you go through any financial review of any state, you see the country's financial system go up and economy go up and in 2017 it just shoots down. We haven't been able to come out of it and neither does anyone have any solution. GST is a huge shortfall for revenues that used go up to the centre. I think these systems when they were brought into the centre, there should have been a little more discussion with the people, with parties whether it is the allies or opposition parties which could have helped India go ahead. Obviously, there is a majority given by the people and everyone should respect that and everyone respects that but the majority is a reflection of the people's trust in you and you need to behave in a way that you can maintain the trust with them.    

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He concluded the discussion on this topic by talking about how urbanisation in a sustainable manner is the need of the hour as it brings in a lot of advantages such as sanitation, solid waste management, water body rejuvenation etc. He even highlighted the topic of Aarey and education in Maharashtra. 

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