Bol Mumbai: Problems locals face in their area

Inflation, water issues due to redevelopment and taxes were some of the few problems faced by Mumbaikars.


A Metropolitan city like Mumbai has many problems, and during the elections, leaders usually highlight those concerns, thereby make promises to solve them. But this is a vicious cycle, where people always complain and the concerns go unanswered. We asked Mumbaikars about the problems in their respective area and this is what they had to say:

A resident said that as India is the second most populous country, there ought to be many problems. To name a few, there are many taxes that a common man is paying which should be decreased. 

A resident of Girangaon in Parel, which used to be a textile mills hub in the 19th century, is now just cladded with concrete with big towers which cause trouble to its original tenants. 

Other issues stated by Mumbaikars were inflation, congestion in local trains because of the number of commuters, roads, and water issues due to redevelopment.