Maharashtra Assembly: Monsoon session in Mumbai or Nagpur?

A committee has been set up to decide the venue to kick off the monsoon session of Maharashtra Assembly.


Maharashtra Assembly’s budget session came to an end on Thursday and the monsoon session of the Assembly is next. July 4, 2018, is the date announced for the monsoon session to kick off. However, the venue for the Assembly session will either be Mumbai or Nagpur, and that has not been announced yet.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis insisted that the monsoon session shall be carried out in Nagpur. A committee has been appointed including Parliamentary Affairs Minister Girish Bapat, Industries Minister Subhash Desai and Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar to decide on this matter.

Normally, the date and venue of the next assembly session is decided on the last day of the session but only the date has been decided this time.

The committee will decide the venue for the assembly on April 3, 2018. All the legislators will come to the monsoon sessions and the arrangements for their stay is to be planned.

However, it is likely that this year’s monsoon session will take place in Nagpur.

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