MNS asks stores and restaurants to bring down 'Gujarati' boards

MNS asks stores and restaurants to bring down 'Gujarati' boards

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) is back in the spotlight for endorsing the “Marathi” brand. This time, it’s something to do with restaurants and stores putting up their brand name in another language. P N Gadgil & Sons (Jewelers) in Prabhadevi and Shobha Restaurant in Mahim, have been notified by the political party.

These stores and restaurants had put up boards endorsing their brand in Gujarati. Local MNS activists opposed to this and have asked the owners to take down the Gujarati branding.

A few years ago, MNS had started a campaign to address all traders, restaurants and shops in Mumbai to impose texts in Marathi to brand their stores but on Friday, stores and restaurants in Prabhadevi and Mahim went against it and along with Marathi, they endorsed their brand with Gujarati text as well. This surely didn’t go down well with the party and activists are ready to endorse their ‘Marathi’ brand yet again.

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