Raj Thackeray shares his thoughts regarding the Hathras rape case

He posed questions regarding the absence of media coverage and asked the central government to intervene in the matter, so that the state government can be pressurised to take action.

Raj Thackeray shares his thoughts regarding the Hathras rape case

The horrifying rape incident in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras and the demise of the girl has shaken the country. Sharing his thought regarding the incident, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena President Raj Thackeray has questioned the political leaders regarding their silence.

Commenting on the Hathras incident, Raj Thackeray has written in his post that the incident reported from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is heartbreaking. But even more horrific is the fact that the girl's body was cremated without giving it to her family, what exactly are the Uttar Pradesh police and the administration trying to hide, questioned Raj Thackeray. 

Keeping the context in mind he said that there are people from our state who declare themselves the voice of the country and when an incident is reported in Maharashtra, they raise their voice. However, why are those voices silent today, and why isn't the media attacking the Uttar Pradesh government in this matter?

He also expressed his thoughts over the girls' family, and questioned if someone is going to visit the victim's family, why are they being stopped and pushed? Is the government afraid of something?

Calling the incident brutal, he said that if voices are silenced in such matters, people will not be able to express anger over situations. One needs to take a tougher stance and not remain quiet during such incidents. He also urged the central government to intervene and escalate the matter, so the state government can take necessary action regarding the matter.

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