Raj Thackeray says give a free hand to police for 48 hours

Raj Thackeray says give a free hand to police for 48 hours
Raj Thackeray at Azad Maidan

Sunday afternoon, the MNS (Maharasthra Navnirman Sena ) took out a huge march from Girgaum Chowpatty to Azad Maidan in south Mumbai. The purpose of this rally was to show support to CAA and NRC. During this rally MNS workers also demanded the eviction of illegal Pakistani and Bangladeshi infiltrators from the country. The morcha was culminated at Azad Maidan where Raj Thackeray addressed the gathering. 

His son, Amit Thackeray, who has recently been inducted in the party was also in attendence. At this rally, Thackeray extended his support to the new citizenship law and the proposed National Register of Citizens. He also warned that [he and this party ] will be giving a "befitting reply" to rallies being held against the CAA and the NRC.

He went on to add that "henceforth, a stone will be answered with a stone and a sword with a sword". Over 100,000 activists led by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena President Raj Thackeray, marched in a mega-procession to demand the ouster of Pakistani-Bangladeshi infiltrators. All of them led by theThackeray walked a strech of 1 km from Hindu Gymkhana to Metro Junction.

Thackeray did not end at saying that morcha will be answered by a morcha, he later added that , "stones will be answered with stones and swords with swords".

In his opinion there was no reason for Muslims to object to either CAA or NRC. He said"I don't understand why Muslims are protesting against the CAA and the NRC. Who is going to evict those who are living in India since their birth?" 

"Furthermore, he said that. "The CAA gives citizenship to those Hindus who have faced religious atrocitiesin neighbouring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and migrated to India)". He went allguns blazing against the illegal immigrants as he said, "..Do you (illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh) consider my county a 'dharmashala' (charity shelter)?" .

Apart from extending the support to CAA and NRC, he also lauded the central government for abolition of Article 370 and how they have tacked the issue of Ram Mandir. 

Commenting on the law of order of the city, Thackeray said that the Mumbai Police should be given a free hand for 48 hours and they will make sure that the crime in the city goes down to zero. 

Post the event he thanked Mumbai Police for the arrangement in and around the rally. He tweeted, "A special mention of the exceptional maintenance of law and order during the Mahamorcha by the Mumbai Police. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena stands in gratitude of the Mumbai Police for their painstaking efforts and cooperation. Also, a big thanks to all the media representatives". 

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