MNS-Farhan Akhtar at loggerheads

Pali Hill
MNS-Farhan Akhtar at loggerheads
MNS-Farhan Akhtar at loggerheads
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Mumbai - After ADHM crisis, MNS has shifted their focus on Farhan Akhtar's movie 'Raees'. This movie has one pakistani actress against which MNS is gearing up to protest. However, actor and producer Farhan Akhtar has said that he will not give Rs 5 crore to the Army Relief Fund. MNS Chitrapat Sena did not say anything in front of camera, but has said that MNS will take action when the film is to be released. President of MNS Chitrapat Sena Ameya Khopkar has also made a statement on Twitter. He tweeted "@FarOutAkhtarwld have appreciated u being vocal on attack on police at Azad all ur acts r based on calculations Nd convenience."

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