MNS leader took 'no' for an answer

MNS leader took 'no' for an answer
MNS leader took 'no' for an answer
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Versova - Election is taking the toll on everyone's mind. None of the leaders can be composed at this point of time. They only want the ticket, come what may. In regard with this MNS leader from ward number - 60 Sachin Gade revolted against the party for choosing Prashant Rane to contest election from the aforementioned ward.

Sachin Gade took the decision of contesting as an independent candidate. Due to which there were major upheavals amidst the party workers in Versova. MNS Secretary Pramod Patil held a meeting on Monday in which Prashant Rane and Sachin Gade were called in. In the presence of local leader Sandesh Desai, Manish Dhuri, and Tripura Nair, Sachin Gade took back his nomination as the independent candidate.

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