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Sharad Pawar sheds light on MVA, Sena-NCP alliance and the future polls

NCP Chief shared hints regarding the same at a function organized at the party's state office on the occasion of party's 22nd anniversary.

Sharad Pawar sheds light on MVA, Sena-NCP alliance and the future polls

NCP President Sharad Pawar, while addressing the leaders, office bearers and activists in a recently held event, said that the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) will not only last for the next five years, but also for years to come, both in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. Sharing hints regarding the same, Pawar at a function organized at the party's state office on the occasion of party's 22nd anniversary, said that the Shiv Sena-NCP alliance will continue in future as well. 

He said that the party members have thoughtfully formed a government with a new and different ideology. Earlier, no one had agreed that the party members and the alliance could work together, but the leaders have proved their work and the people have not only seen the results, but also accepted. He lauded the efforts put by all the party workers to make this possible.

Appreciating their efforts, he said that people from all three parties began to take the right steps out of commitment and and as a result, this coalition government is working well. No matter what anyone says, this government will last and work for 5 years. He also expressed his belief that this government will tomorrow be a part of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha, where the work will be shown vigorously and the party will effectively represent the people of the state of Maharashtra.

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Pawar also took to his Twitter accounts to share the thoughts on the NCP Foundation Day. 

The government has worked hard towards managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and takling about the same, NCP chief said that even in these tough times, the party did not stop and waver, but faced the challenges and obstacles efficiently. Several programs were implemented and are being successfully run by the government. 

Maharashtra, during the first wave of pandemic, had the most number of cases and the officials today have managed to contain the spread of COVID-19. Observing this, Sharad Pawar lauded the work of Rajesh Tope by adding that the state has been able to get out of this tough situation only because of the work done by the health department under the leadership of Minister Tope. Their hard work in facing thr crisis has given comfort and confidence among the people.

He also mentioned that NCP not only stands with the neglected sections of the society but also tries to solve the problems by handing over the decision making process to the right people. Together with the other two parties, the focus of MVA is to show a new way to the country through the forthcoming efforts.

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