Devendra Fadnavis slams MVA; says state govt. should plan like the Centre

Sharing more information, he said that the central government has come up with a rational system to deal with the COVID-19 crisis and the state government should follow the same and come up with a similar plan rather than pointing a finger frequently.

Devendra Fadnavis slams MVA; says state govt. should plan like the Centre

Former CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, has once again slammed the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) stating that the central government has come up with a very rational system to deal with the Coronavirus crisis, and the state government should come up with a similar plan. The Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly shared his thoughts as the government had blamed the Centre earlier. 

While addressing the media in Nashik, Fadnavis said that there is no lack of coordination between the State and the Centre, and the central government has set up a very rational system, whereby all the needs for the vaccines are being met on a priority basis. Following the same pattern, the state government should also make a similar plan. 

In the current situation, we all have to work together, and according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we must stand with the people in this time of crisis. This is not the time to point the finger at anyone and we have to use the resources available to us properly, he said. 

He took to Twitter to share that the situation would have been different if India had to import vaccines from other nations. Appreciating the efforts, Fadnavis said that India developed the vaccine on its own and that should to be lauded. However, since the vaccines is not available in abundance, priorities will have to be decided. 

Maharashtra has received the highest doses of vaccines keeping the number of cases and citizens in mind, using which, the government, from May 1, should start vaccinating people from the age group of 18 to 45. By the end of May, the government aims to receive over 10 crore doses of Covishield and over 3 crore doses of Covaxin. Furthermore, by August 2021, a total of 6 crore Covaxin doses shall be recieved.

Maharashtra, on the other hand, also has the highest oxygen supply in the country. In the first batch, a total of 1100 ventilators were given to Maharashtra by the Centre, and the government has also received the highest quantity of Remdesivir injections as compared to other states, informed Devendra Fadnavis.

He recently reviewed the situation Amravati district, and stated that there is a lack of remdesivir allocation and vaccination there, and hence, the government should focus on distributing the vaccines equally across Maharashtra. 

In most districts, including Mumbai, the infection rate is still above 15 per cent, and so increasing the number of tests would help. Fadnavis also demanded that the state will be able to take the necessary steps only if clarity is offered regarding the actual COVID-19 death toll, basis which, an effective plan can be made to fight the virus.
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