Furniture Scam: Opposition leader accuses Fadnavis-led government of scam worth ₹70 crore

Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar accused the Devendra Fadnavis government which claims to be “corruption-free” of committing a scam worth ₹70 crore

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The Devendra Fadnavis government which claims to be “corruption-free” has been accused of a scam worth ₹70 crore. Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Opposition leader Vijay Wadettiwar accused the state government of committing a ‘furniture scam’ in the tribal sector.

While talking to the reporters, Wadettiwar informed that a tender was passed to buy furniture for the use of two lakh children living in 502 ‘ashrams’ and for 58,000 student residents in hostels across Maharashtra. Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar has demanded a high-level inquiry into the same. 

The report was first published in Navbharat Times which stated that the furniture which was to be purchased for the students included iron beds, chairs and tables. It also mentioned Wadettiwar’s claim that a tender worth ₹375 crore was passed for Amravati, Nashik, Nagpur and Thane. 

The tender for Amravati and Nagpur was given to a company called 'Spacewood', while for Nashik and Thane, the same was awarded to Godrej. Wadettiwar alleged that Godrej charged double rates of the same quality furniture as compared to Spacewood. 

Wadettiwar further informed that Spacewood charged ₹5,734 for an iron bed in Amravati while the same bed was bought for ₹11,000 from Godrej. In Amravati, ₹2,672 was spent on one chair from Spacewood while Godrej was paid ₹6,000 for the same in Nashik. 

Moreover, it was alleged that in comparison to Amravati-Nagpur, the furniture has been bought at 75 to 100 per cent more price in Nashik-Thane. 

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Wadettiwar said that as per the rules, the tender should only be given to the companies who offer a low price. The matter should be investigated and the contract given to Godrej should be repealed.