Pawar steps down as MCA chief

Pawar steps down as MCA chief

Mumbai - President of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), Sharad Pawar, has resigned from his post on Saturday evening and submitted it to the managing committee of the MCA. Pawar took the decision to step down from the post of MCA chairman after the recommendation of Lodha Committee barring the persons of over 70 years of age on the post in cricketing organisations. “I am not happy with the Supreme Court decision in this regard and does not want to continue on this post,” said the NCP president. Meanwhile, Pawar criticised the demonetisation decision of prime minister Narendra Modi. “Modi is responsible for the conditions resulted due to demonetisation. Though the decision is good, the government failed to provide the optional mechanism. Prime minister Narendra Modi only is responsible for the effects of demonisation on the economy and the common people and he cannot deny it,” he alleged.

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