Here are some powerful speeches delivered by late leader Sushma Swaraj

Apart from being a fine parliamentarian, former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was also considered a thoughtful and powerful orator


After the demise of former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, from politicians to Bollywood stars, every fan and admirer is paying tribute to the late leader. Apart from being a fine parliamentarian, Swaraj was also considered a thoughtful and powerful orator. 

On several occasions, Swaraj has made India’s position clear on certain subjects such as “security” and “terrorism” while speaking at international platforms including United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). 

Here are some powerful speeches that Sushma Swaraj gave on international platforms: 

Historic Speech of Smt. Sushma Swaraj in Lok Sabha in 1996

Sushma Swaraj's Speech | 73rd Session of United Nation General Assembly (UNGA)

Sushma Swaraj's Speech | Champions of the Earth Award for PM Modi

Sushma Swaraj speech on International Women's Day in 2013

Liberhan Ayodhya Commission: Smt. Sushma Swaraj in 2009

Speech on the Issue of Girl gang-raped in Delhi: Smt. Sushma Swaraj

She was a great leader and an orator and her presence in Indian politics will always be felt. Which among these is your favorite speech? Do let us know through comments or reaching out on our social channels.