MNS reposes faith in Rajan Parkar

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    MNS reposes faith in Rajan Parkar
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    Mahim- Rajan Parkar has managed to get a ticket from ward 182 in Mahim for contesting the civic polls on behalf of the MNS.

    In the last civic polls, Parkar had aspired for a ticket through the MNS, but at that time the ward was reserved for women and hence, incumbent corpororator Shraddha Patil won the seat.
    This time round, the competition is tough as the Mahim seat is said to be an important geographical area for Shiv Sena as well as the MNS.
    There was speculation that Shraddha Patil, Sandeep Deshpande or Manish Chavan could be given a party ticket by the MNS, the party has exhibited its faith in Rajan Parkar's capabilities by choosing him over his rivals. Now, will Parkar be able to justify the faith reposed in him? The results should tell.


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