Rane extends hand of friendship to Shiv Sena

Rane extends hand of friendship to Shiv Sena

There is no permanent friend or foe in politics. It seems that today’s politicians are proving the meaning of this old saying. Here old pals have become foes while foes are reaching out for friendship.

Shiv Sena is keener on joining hands with Congress than Bhartiya Janta Party. However, there are mixed reaction on it. Congress senior leader Gurudas Kamat is of the view that if Congress joins the Shiv Sena that will betray people's trust. While, Congress Mumbai president Sanjay Nirupam said that, the Sena had approached them but they said 'NO' to the alliance. On the day of BMC result, Nirupam gave his resignation accepting the defeat of his party. However, it is believed that Nirupam is himself not in a position to comment. According to the sources, two Congress leaders i.e.Narayan Rane and Bhai Jagtap are in favour of supporting Shiv Sena.

Rane is rigid and is convincing other party leaders to support the Shiv Sena. However, as every coin has two sides, Rane has a hidden agenda in supporting Shiv Sena. Rane being a senior leader and experienced one, knows that if Shiv Sena agrees to join hands with Congress, then the party will be cornered by other parties. He also looks at this as an opportunity to settle his old scores with Shiv Sena.

Not only Rane, junior Rane i.e MLA Nitesh indicated his support to the Sena party through twitter. “Kapti Mitrapeksha Dildaar Shatru Kadhihi Bara, Shivsenena Man Badlava, Mumbai Nakki Badlel” (It is always better to have kind hearted foe than a cunning friend. Shiv Sena should change its mindset, Mumbai will surely change). Nitesh Rane praised the Sena through his tweet while taunting the Congress party at the same time.

For now, the Congress party has not laid out their cards while the Sena party is considering Congress as a viable option for alliance. Nitesh other tweet speaks about how Shiv Sena had extended its support in 1978, to then Congress leader late Murli Deora for the mayorship. Though the Congress party won with major seats, it was not able to tame down BJP who won 82 seats, two seats less than Shiv Sena.

Now, both Shiv Sena and BJP party are trying their best to field their candidate as a mayor. Here, the Shiv Sena party is in no mood to join hands with BJP to attain magic figure but is considering to do alliance with the Congress party, should also think about the future shortcomings.

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