Record voting in BMC polls

Record voting in BMC polls

Mumbai - The voting for 227 seats of the BMC was peaceful on Tuesday. The city recorded 55.28% voting which is the highest percentage in the history of civic elections in the city. Who will be benefited of this increased voting will be known on Thursday, the day of counting votes.

The electorates sealed the fate of 2275 candidates in the EVMs on Tuesday. The election process was conducted at 7,304 polling centres across the city. The voting started at 7:30 am. The chaotic condition was reported from several wards as voters found their names missing from the voter lists. Still, the percentage of voting has increased in the city and it touched the average of 55 per cent. The increase of 11% voting is registered as compared to elections held in 2007 (46.05%) and 2012 (44.75%). This year’s voting is said to be the highest in last 25 years. Though different claims are made regarding the beneficiary of this increased voting, it is generally observed that higher percentage of voting goes against the ruling party.

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