• Rift in SS leaders
  • Rift in SS leaders

Worli- Shiv Sena party workers are in dilemma as to which SS leader to support. Worli is dominated by Shiv Sena leaders. However, there is a rift between Shiv Sena leaders itself, not one but three. SS ward president Ashish Chemburkar, MLA Sunil Shinde and corporator Kishore Pednekar is at loggerheads.

Once upon a time, Worli was dominated by Congress which was led by the Bhaurao Patil. His predecessors Sharad Dighe, Sharad Korgaonkar and other Congress leaders maintained the supremacy. However, late union leader Datta Samant defeated Congress, post to which SS came in picture. Then NCP Sachin Ahir won the seat in Worli and Shiv Sena went backseat. However, this did not last long. SS MLA Sunil Shinde snatched the glory form NCP and overtook Worli. However, current rift can damage Shiv Sena.

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