Samajwadi Party vs AIMIM


Mumbai - The stage for the municipal election is set and parties are performing their hearts out to win the coveted 'Kursi' of the BMC. Congress, NCP, BJP and Shiv Sena are the heavyweights who are combating with each other to outdo their rivals. Samajwadi Party and AMIM are clashing against each other to lure Dalit and Muslim votes. AIMIM claims that Dalit and Muslim voters will support their party, as they are not happy with SP leaders and party workers. Meanwhile, SP has a different take that, there is a conflict between the leaders of AMIM party. Mumbai secretary of SP, Zulfikar Azmi has claimed that 132 AIMIM party workers from Agripada have left the kite and went cycling. Time will tell whether voters want to fly the kite or ride on the bicycle.