Sena- BJP to outdo each other at committee meetings

    Sena- BJP to outdo each other at committee meetings
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    Mumbai – This year’s BMC election, voters gave kin of similar votes to both Shiv Sena and BJP party. However, in comparison to existing BJP corporators, this BMC election, BJP got more 51 corporators. And this exactly has become a reason for Shiv Sena’s headache. As both the political parties have a somewhat similar number of seats, both will be at loggerheads during standing committee meetings.

    Though the BJP got 82 seats and the Sena party got 84 seats, the latter got nine more corporators and BJP got 51 more corporators. Shiv Sena’s 10 and BJP’s nine members will be attending standing committee meetings. Whereas current BMC’s standing committee has 9 Shiv Sena corporators and four BJP corporators. And the same will be seen at improvement committee. If both the parties don’t opt for the alliance, then both will end up fighting during committee meetings.

    Shiv Sena’s six corporators and BJP’s eight corporators will join BEST and education committee as members. Here also, both the parties will be seen at loggerheads.

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