Shiv Sena supports dynasty politics

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    Mumbai- As BMC elections nearing, political parties fray are seen everywhere. Political parties are busy with their election campaign. This times many of the relatives of the political leaders seen in the ring for the BMC election.

    From Shiv Sena party two members of the same family are contesting. Kamini Shewale, wife of MP Rahul Shewale will be contesting from ward 142 and from ward 144 Rahul Shewale’s sister in law, Vaishali Shewale will be contesting.

    It’s usually seen that Shiv Sena blames Congress to be involved in Dynasty Politics, but in Mankhurd Shiv Sena has also encouraged the same Dynasty politics by fielding two members of the same family that to relative of its MP Rahul Shevale.

    This openly shows the double standard of Shiv Sena party. When Shiv Sena was asked on this they said that they have just done according to public demand.


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