The 'wave' will get settled soon - Sanjay Raut

The 'wave' will get settled soon - Sanjay Raut

Post BMC, BJP marked its presence in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections by winning more than 300 seats. Post the elections, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut took a press conference at Mumbai's Saamna office. “We welcome the results and we also congratulate Narendra Modi for a win,” said Raut.

He added that people of UP were given the options and so they voted against the leading party. He also congratulated BJP state president Amit Shah for the victory. “UP assembly elections and results do not affect the state’s politics. I will speak on it after eight days when the so called wave will get settled. Until then people will understand the importance of Shiv Sena as we have shown our strength and grit during BMC elections where we got more votes as compared to BJP,” said Raut.

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