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Government should stop playing political game regarding the vaccine supply: Devendra Fadnavis

Former CM said that the ruling party should stop playing with people's life and focus on managing the crisis at this hour, as the centre has given enough supply of vaccine to the state.

Government should stop playing political game regarding the vaccine supply: Devendra Fadnavis

On one hand, the state government of Maharashtra is taking strict measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection, and on the other, the conflict between the Centre and the state is also intensifying. Maharashtra State Health Minister, Rajesh Tope, had on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, informed that Maharashtra has enough stock of the coronavirus vaccine, which can be sustain for the next three days.

However, targeting this statement and the ruling party, BJP leader and Former CM Devendra Fadnavis, said that the the state government should stop including the political angle at this hour, especially during the vaccination, and also stop playing with the lives of the people.

Reports state that there are only 14 lakh doses of vaccine left in Maharashtra, and with an average of 5 lakh doses per day, this stock can be depleted in the next three days, post which, the vaccination in Maharashtra might stop due to the shortage. Keeping this in mind, at least 40 lakh vaccines should be supplied to Maharashtra every week, demanded Minister Rajesh Tope. The message was shared with Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Criticising this move, the Union Minister mentioned that the statement made by the people's representatives in Maharashtra regarding the shortage of vaccines seems to be an attempt to divert the attention of the people from state government's failure to control the spread of coronavirus. COVID-19 are on the rise in the state and the state government has failed to curb the same, and they are now creating chaos and panic among the people over the shortage of vaccines, which is only adding to citizens' worries.

Throwing more light on the supply, he said that the government is keeping a track of the number of vaccines being given to each state, and that the state government's need for vaccines is constantly being reviewed. Therefore, Maharashtra's claim regarding the shortage of vaccines is incorrect.

Adding more, Devendra Fadnavis said that the statistics on the supply of vaccines to Maharashtra has been presented by the Union Minister. Critics should note that more vaccines have been supplied to our state than to Uttar Pradesh, which has approximately double the population in comparison to Maharashtra. 

Therefore, the ruling party in the state should stop the political game and focus on managing the crisis, he said.

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